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This event has been canceled

Energy Healing Practices for Calm, Clarity, and Energized Inspiration • Thu, Nov 10 at 7:00PM

Soothing Anxiety, Worry, Stress

Our world has changed dramatically in the last few years—and the change continues. And, each and every one of us have experienced or are in the midst of our own changes and transitions.

These changes impact our collective psyche, and they can impact how we think, feel, sleep, and move through the world on a day to day basis.
So if you’ve been tense or on edge, experiencing worry, anxiety, self-doubt, feeling an undercurrent of stress or even dread, you’re not alone—and you’re invited to a special two-part series that can help.

Through guided energy healing meditations Susana DuMett will lead you through into deep relaxation to soothe your nervous system, release extra energy that is not yours, and tend to your emotions and inner world.

You’ll also learn energy healing techniques and practices to soften or stop the ups and downs, build your inner resilience and core power, and utilize our soul senses to find greater clarity, safety, and certainty.

This series is for you if you want to:
 Calm your overthinking or worrying brain
 Soothe stress levels in your body
 Reduce undercurrents of stress, fear, anxiety in your daily life
 Support better sleeping
 Release energy and emotions that are not yours
 Start to disrupt and heal energy patterns that no longer serve you
 Deepen your connection to your beautiful self—and to your Spirit-Source

Susana is a fun and experienced facilitator and is passionate about helping people understand and experience the power of energy healing. She is a licensed energy healer hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, energy mastery coach, and voice and sound healing mentor. Learn more
about her at www.auroraevolution.com.

Series Dates: Thursday November 10 and Thursday November 17. 7 pm – 9:15 pm.

Investment in You: $125 for the series. Early registration by November 1- $97.00

Space is limited. To guarantee your space, please preregister in advance.
No cancellation, studio credit