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Dream On - Cosmic Glow for Everybody

Are you a canna-curious yogi? Or a cannabis connoisseur looking to try some Yoga love? Join us to learn about the benefits of Cannabis and how it can deepen your Yoga experience and allow you to explore new layers of both, the physical and meditation practice.

Ganja Goddess representative and passionate yogi/ yoga teacher Megan Brannum will explain many different options for cannabis consumption and give you a feel for a wide range of products.

Afterward, Datza will guide you through a gentle Yoga practice while Megan assists you into juicy restorative postures with the aid of yoga props like bolsters, blankets & blocks. The practice will include a long savasana and guided meditation.

Using cannabis and yoga, you will be able quiet the analyzing and preparing that goes on in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Get out of your head and into the moment called NOW. Dive in the space where the manifestation of your deepest dreams happens! Bring on the cosmic glow created by expanding consciousness and physical sensation. Join us for the education, expansion and elevation you’ve dreamed of!

Doors open at 5:45pm and lock promptly at the start of the event.

Educational presentation: 6:00pm

Yoga practice: 6:45pm

* Many of the products mentioned in class will be available for purchase at Ganja Goddess. Enjoy 10% off everything in the store after the session.