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Flow & Meditate - In Studio

Flow & Meditate

Air, or Vayu, is the element of the heart—the Anahata Chakra. The Flow & Meditate class combines gentle yoga and guided meditations that focus on opening the heart centre and deepening experiences of self-love, optimism, and balance. Practices shared will aid in digesting and overcoming fear, distrust, dependency, and loss. Each class contributes to and cumulatively increases an overall sense of serenity and the freedom to live more fully as who you really are!

Meet Lara Sanderson

Lara’s dad was a longtime yogi and devotee. He introduced her to yoga through mantra and meditation over 25 years ago, a seed that eventually blossomed into her full-time study, practice, and teaching of asana and meditation. Lara actively explores and encourages a variety of methods to expand mediative awareness and support the body’s physical requirements in partnering with awakened energy. She is a writer, a certified level III reiki practitioner, and loves dancing, gardening, cooking, qi gong, art and animals! It is her utmost joy to serve others who are discovering and following their own unique spiritual paths.