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Earth Bound Yoga

Hatha Flow + Yin

Moving Meditation

Vinyasa Flow

Physio Toning Lab

Vinyasa Flow + Strength & Conditioning

Moving Meditation - Alchemy

Vinyasa Flow + Visuals

Flow & Roll

Gentle Flow + Myofascial Release

Yin & Reiki

Yin + Reiki Healing

Flip & Float

Arm Balances & Inversions


Destination: Chill with Carie Martin

Yin + Savasana with Accupuncture

Kundalini 101: Practices for Radiance

Kundalini Yoga Fundamentals


Meditative Flow with Reiki & Aromatherapy: Chakra Series

Hatha Flow + Yin + Reiki + Aromatherapy

Acro Foundations

Acro Foundations (All levels are welcome)

Abstract Yoga and Art

Meditation + Vinyasa Yoga + Watercolor Painting

Living Deeply: Healing Your Past

Workshop for powerful tools, awarenesses and practices to begin healing the next level of your past for more calm, connection and freedom in every aspect of your life.

Livign Deeply: 1 on 1 soul reading

1.25h workshop + 20 min 1 on 1 soul reading