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Earth Bound Yoga

Hatha Flow + Yin

Moving Meditation

Vinyasa Flow

Physio Toning Lab

Vinyasa Flow + Callanetics

Moving Meditation - Alchemy

Vinyasa Flow + Visuals

Earth Bound Yoga - Alchemy

Hatha Flow + Yin + Visuals

Physio Toning Lab - Alchemy

Vinyasa Flow + Callanetics + Visuals


Make it 90’s for a YOGA play

Playful Vinyasa Flow + Audio & Visuals from 90's + Wine Sips


Meditative Flow with Reiki & Aromatherapy: Chakra Series

Hatha Flow + Yin + Reiki + Aromatherapy

Trust in Self: Cosmic Glow

Hatha Flow + Restorative Yoga (Cannabis infused yoga)

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy: Mudras with Datza & Nickole

Ayurveda + Pranayama + Vinyasa Flow

Conditioning Yoga for RUNNERS

Yoga Flow + Myofascial Release techniques + Breath Work & Meditation